Family Day in Julian, California

Everyone is Welcome!

No Matter What Your Family Looks Like! We Are All in This Together!

I love having families and spirituality together in nature for shared memories and friendships that last a lifetime! Don’t you love to be social too? Family Day in Julian is Easter Sunday, March 27th at 11:30 a.m. We will gather together for feast, family, festival and fun to celebrate life! Springtime is a beautiful time in the Cuyamaca Mountains. Let us share everything we know about these mountains with you and we hope you too, will love these mountains as much as we do!

Make Sunday a day of rest – mountain style with fresh mountain air. Turn your cell phones off and be present and compassionate with yourself, nature and with others. Nature and people feed our soul.

Retreat to Nature

Nature is an essential element in our lives. Nature feeds our souls. With more than 1000 Oak Trees, three small rivers, horse shoe play, large granite boulders to climb on and sit on and a large Cedar Works chemical-free and splinter-free playground, it is a haven and a sanctuary for children. There are large metates found everywhere around the land that were once used by the Native American Indians in this area more than 1000 years ago. There are trails on more than ten acres and we adjoin the 3800 acre Santa Ysabel Preserve. We are located at the Headwaters of San Diego River.

All About Family Day in Julian

Family Day in Julian is open to all. We have two yoga classes, one beginner class and one more advance class starting at 10:30 a.m. and four to six yoga teachers depending on how many are interested in yoga classes. Bring your mat if you are doing yoga classes or request a mat. We only have 15 mats and any requests for yoga mats must be made at the time of reservation. Reservations for yoga classes will be available online one week before the event. Yoga classes are $9.00 for adults and $5 for children.

Admission is only $25.00 per vehicle for up to six guests. If your vehicle seats more than six guests, extra guests are $5 and for this potluck you bring your labeled signature vegetarian or vegan potluck item to feed 10 to 12 guests. Potluck starts at 11:30 a.m. We will have drinks and soups for sale. Drinks are $2.00 and soup is $2.50 for a cup and $5.00 for a bowl of soup.

At lunch time, we will have a placard on each table with a prayer about blessing our food that you are welcome to read, blessing all of humanity and blessing the earth that guests are welcome to say and use. We love blessings here. We know everything we bless grows!

10:30 a.m. Yoga Class
11:30 a.m. Potluck
1 p.m. Group Hike - Project Wild! games may be integrated into the hike

During lunch and after lunch, our stage will be open to anyone and everyone so anyone can share a joke, an inspirational reading, a tap dance, music, gymnastics, a small skit, a song, a prayer or other. There is a five minute time limit per guest, approximately. Before the hike, we will have a short orientation to the hike, introduce you to the "dangers" such as poison oak, rattle snakes and black widows and we will have a five minute meditation suitable for children and a 10 minute break before we leave for hiking. Please use the bathrooms at this time. We carry toilet paper in our first aid kits and it is available for anyone who wants it.

“If every 8 year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” —The Dalai Lama

At 1 p.m. guests are all invited trail hiking with our two hike leaders or guests can stay and play horse shoes and walk the largest labyrinth in California or take a soak in the jacuzzi. Trail hikes last an average of two hours.

Jennifer Robinson will then teach to all who are interested about wildlife using curriculum from Project WILD! She is a certified Project WILD! K-12 facilitator and a certified Facilitator for Growing Up Wild! The games from Project WILD! make learning fun! Anyone who wants to play is welcome to join in on the games.

Welcome and share this event so that others may feel uplifted in a space of love and non-judgement.

We may have guest presenters to share some of your favorite topics: tapping techniques, how to use affirmations in your day to day, guided imagery, non-violent communication, parenting techniques, responsive parenting, permaculture and more!

Your email from us is your receipt. A reminder email will be sent out to you two weeks before the event. Cancellation Policy is only five days prior to the event and is transferable should you miss the deadline, but space is limited to only 40 families so sign up today!