Counseling sessions by healing medium and intuitive Jennifer Robinson and Subconscious Mind Expert Memo Ozdogan who is the founder of Find Your Secret Key to remove the deep Subconscious Blocks. Subconscious mind is the hidden ruler of our lives, and only freeing blocks and suffering at the subconscious level will make us free and joyful again. Memo Ozdogan is the author of the book “Letters From Love Cafe.”

EVERY MONDAY Meditate & Learn 2Be a Psychic Medium

We also offer Healing Crystal Singing bowl Meditations nightly at 5:30 PM

Psychic medium readings are available DAILY EXCEPT MONDAYS $10 – $20. 

Our Mission Statement is the more you are in balance with yourself and your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual body the more meaning you have in your own life and a “Life is Good” consciousness thrives.

We offer Spiritual Counseling and Spiritual Life Coaching. We work with highly sensitive people, teenagers and couples, too. We also offer meditation yoga retreat events, meditation retreat classes on psychic and mediumship development in our other location in Julian in the foothills of the Cuyamaca Mountains.

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