Psychic Development

In this informative class about Psychic development, you will learn about the benefits of psychic development, learn what information is available to you, learn different types of psychic ability, learn where psychic information comes from, how to work psychically and do a sitting with and without tools, and also learn about the main chakra centers and the aura.

Everyone can be a psychic. We are all born with psychic ability. In order to develop our psychic ability, we must practice. After our theory class, we all do a meditation together and practice psychic development. Our class is on Mondays at 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. The class is $15 and it is recommended that you come as often as possible to develop your psychic ability.

For those taking the class a second or third time, you can arrive at 10:00 am and miss the theory class if you have taken the theory class already. You can also listen to the theory class again, if you want. At 10:00 am, we start a crystal bowl sound healing meditation.

Please bring a picnic lunch if you want to stay later. There is a nice park to picnic less than a block away and within walking distance all guests can use for a picnic site.

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